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Your tree will be delivered to you in good health, but like all living things, it will need to be given some care for it to stay at its best. Following the care instructions below will help your tree stay healthy while it is in your home, and maximise its chances of survival once it is re-planted outside.

Upon delivery

Once your tree has been delivered, if at all possible it should be kept outside until you ready to decorate it. If you have a shed, greenhouse or garage, it would be ideal to store the tree in there for a few days before taking inside your house - this allows the tree to gradually acclimatise to the increase in temperature it will experience going from the cold winter weather into your warm home.

Your tree will be in either a 15 or 30 litre pot, depending on the size of the tree. It will also come with a pot saucer which fits underneath the pot - this makes it easy to tell when the tree needs watering, and it also helps protect your floor coverings.

Inside your home

Once you take the tree inside your home, please position it away from fires or radiators, as the direct heat will dry the tree out very quickly and cause loss of needles - it may even permanently damage or kill the tree. 

Once you have chosen the best position for your tree, the most important thing to remember is that your tree will need water. Depending on the size of your chosen tree and the temperature inside your home, it will need somewhere between 1-2 pints of water (approx 0.5 - 1.0 litre) every day. Too much water can also cause problems, the soil in the pot should feel damp to the touch, but not waterlogged.

Please don't prune your tree to make it fit into a certain spot in your home, this can introduce infection into the tree.

When you are adding or removing your decorations from the tree, please take care not to damage the buds at the end of each branch. These buds will form the following years growth, so if they're accidentally knocked off it will stunt the growth of the tree.

Please don't use any fake snow or glitter sprays on your tree.

After Christmas

Once the festive period is over, please take the tree outside - or ideally place into a shed, greenhouse or garage for a few days to allow the tree to get used to the cold weather again. Please contact us and we'll collect the tree, and plant it back in the ground.

Trees only available to look at via appoinment. Delivery to SK13 postcodes only.

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