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On average, it takes between 8 and 10 years for a Christmas tree to grow to six feet in height. Every year, around 8 million cut Christmas trees are sold in the UK. Some of these are grown in the UK, some are imported all the way from Europe. 

Putting aside the obvious environmental impact for a moment, we've often thought that it seems such a shame for all those trees to be cut down each year, and then thrown away in January. In the USA, renting a Christmas tree is very popular, so we thought we'd see if the concept would work here in the UK. Trees are grown in specially designed pots, which are planted in the ground, and then lifted just before Christmas. After Christmas, they're replanted in the ground (in their pots) and cared for until the following Christmas.

We're a family business (established 2019), offering our service in our home town of Glossop and it's neighbouring villages, as driving miles and miles to deliver a tree defeats the object of reducing the environmental impacts!

We've set our prices so the cost of renting a tree from us is comparable to buying a cut tree - in fact, we're slightly cheaper in many cases.

We're hoping that our competitive prices, plus the convenience of a delivery and collection service, will tempt enough customers to give us a try, and do their bit to reducing the impact on our planet.

Trees only available to look at via appoinment. Delivery to SK13 postcodes only.

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